Doggone Good Grooming


Full Service Bathing

Bath, brush out, nails trimmed and filed (pup permitting), ears cleaned and/or plucked,
anal glands expressed (dogs only)
Deshed and/or face, sanitary and paws trimmed.​

**Bath prices include de-shedding and/or touch up trimming, depending on your dogs breed and coat needs. Limitations apply, ask your groomer for details.


​​Full Service Grooming

Bath, brush out, full body haircut, deshed,
nails trimmed and filed (pup permitting), 
ears cleaned and/or plucked,
anal glands expressed (dogs only),
sanitary and paws trimmed

​​​​​​Full Service Dog Grooming

Ex Small -- $55 - $75 and up
under 7lbs

Small -- $65 - $85 and up

Medium -- $70 - $90 and up

Large -- $85 - $105 and up

X-Large -- $90 - $160 and up
over 50lbs

​​​​Full Service Dog 


Ex Small -- $35 -$45 and up
under 7lbs

Small -- $40 - $50 and up

Medium -- $50 - $70 and up

Large -- $65 - $85 and up

X-Large -- $90 - $150 and up
over 50lbs

Add on and a la cart services

Teeth brushing -- $5 - $15

Performed as an add on with a bath or groom only. 

Regular teeth brushing Helps remove loose food and bacteria on teeth.

Teeth brushing is not a substitute for professional dental cleaning.  

We do not scrape tarter.

​Anal gland expression -- $15 - $30

Although we know how to perform internal expression, to avoid further complication, we send all pets with glands that need to be expressed internally to the vet. 

This service is for DOGS only

Nail trim and file -- $15 - $30

We trim the nails and file the remaining edges smooth.

(Some dogs do not allow/tolerate use of the dremil,

so to avoid stress for your pet, we may not file)

Cat Nail Trim -- $15 - $30

Soft Paw Application -- $15 - $30

We do not sell/provide the Soft Paws product, but if you bring your own,

we will apply for a fee